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Provide learners with a foundational understanding of sports betting, including the basic types of bets, how odds work, and legal considerations.


45 minutes

Tools and Materials:

  • Presentation slides
  • Quiz software for assessment
  • Example betting sheets or online betting simulation tools
  • Handouts with glossary and further reading resources

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts and types of sports betting.
  • Read and interpret different types of betting odds.
  • Identify various types of bets and understand when and how to use them.
  • Apply basic principles of risk management in sports betting.
  • Start developing their own betting strategy based on informed decisions.


Participants will complete a short quiz to assess their understanding of the fundamentals of sports betting. Performance feedback will be provided to ensure mastery of the module’s content.